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Welcome to Microdigital, one of Toronto's oldest and most reliable computer sales and service organizations.

Visit our store location to have the computer system you want put together, or for upgrades, accessories, parts and peripherals. We also specialize in repairing and maintaining systems for home, business and educational institutions.

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NEW on this site:

Motherboards, processors, cases, hard disk drives, and monitors: The latest components of systems used in Microdigital systems. Check them out and make up your own system.

Coming soon: Memory

FREE on this site:

Troubleshooting tips: Save money by going through our simple checklist of fixes you can make at home or work before calling the experts to repair your computer hardware or software.

Cheap Tricks: Editor Eric's famous undocumented secrets for getting more speed, productivity and fun out of your computer system—without spending a cent.

Coming soon: Free troubleshooting tips, drivers, computing news and more.

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